Character sheet rolls, Dungeon alchemist support and Codex exports


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Hey everyone! I’m super proud to introduce you the latest changes from last month! Character sheets can now hold dice formulas that you can directly use in the chat. Players can pick any character and roll directly from their sheets. GMs can also create party rolls that automatically prefill the dice formulas for each player. I’ve also added Dungeon alchemist and Arkenforge support (.dd2vtt and .uvtt formats) and implemented Codex exports and imports allowing to save your hard labour anytime you want or to share with anyone your entities.
On a sadder note, I’ve run out of cash so I’m gonna take a full-time job starting in June. Since January I’ve basically no income (not even unemployment benefits) and now I’ve basically burnt all my savings 😅 It’s been fun though 🤷🏼‍♂️ Don’t worry, Harpy is not going anywhere thanks to the 4% of you who are currently supporting it and allowing me to keep the lights on (by being premium or supporting the Kofi) Also, I’ll try to work around 10 to 20 hours every month on my spare time to keep updating it but obviously things will slow down a bit (even a lot in the beginning as starting a new job will surely take all my time/energy/attention ^^) Anyway, still super happy about the current state of Harpy. Wish I would have been able to work a little longer on it. But you know… all good things come to an end. Hope you’re all doing great 💚 

🎲 Sheets with Dice formulas

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You can now create a new kind of variable called “Dice roll”. Those allow you to write any formula (like you usually do with the “formula” variable type) but has to return a dice roll (like “1d20+3”)
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Remember to add “quotes” around you dice formulas else you’ll have an error

✨ New UI for Chat/Chapter inputs

Switching between inputs has never been easier (hopefully more people will use the actual roll dice input instead of inline rolls now). I’ve also added a visual hint so people might more easily find out they can switch between characters.
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🎲 Roll from your Sheet

You can now roll a dice formula from your Character sheet instead of writing it manually every time.
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👨‍👨‍👦 Party rolls from Character sheets

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As a GM, you can now ask your players to roll a specific roll from their sheets. This very cool feature requires a Premium account though ✨
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🗺️ Dungeon Alchemist support

You can now import maps with the .dd2vtt and .uvtt formats directly into Harpy (those are standard formats available when exporting from Dungeon Alchemist, Arkenforge or other tools). The grid should be automatically detected (later on, when walls and lines of sight are a thing, those will also be taken into account)
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🔮 Export your Codex

You can now export any combination of entities from your Codex to either save it on your Computer or import it on compatible platforms (they should be able to easily implement such an import feature).
Those heavy requests can get quite costly on my end but they’re available for free. It didn’t feel right to make you pay for exporting your own data. So please be reasonable with it otherwise I will have to limit this feature to premium accounts 😕
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This feature should also allow you to share your entities with the Community (monsters, weapons, characters from your scenario, etc). Don’t be afraid of the “.harpy_workshop” format it’s just a JSON file (plain text that you can open and edit with any text editor).

📈 Monthly Metrics Update

As usual, here is last month metrics update
  • 276 adventurers joined us
  • Server costs went down to 47$ which improved overall profitability 😄 but not many new paying users 🤷🏼‍♂️
Again, thanks a lot to everyone supporting Harpy. Thanks to you the vast majority can enjoy online TTRPG for free! 💚
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🔦 Spotlights

Some initiatives deserve more visibility. This month spotlight is a french Actual play run with love by Geek Fabula, a passionate Game master and TTRPG author. Please send him some love from the Harpy community 💚

📜 Les Chroniques d'Aetherion

Actual play
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🇫🇷 Les Chroniques d’Aetherion, c’est une campagne de jeu de rôle (JDR) en actual play diffusée en live sur Twitch et en replay sur Youtube ! Le Maitre du jeu (MJ) Geek Fabula, développe l’univers de fantasy d’Aetherion et écrit une aventure, dans laquelle les joueurs sont les héros. Notre première campagne a compté deux saisons, soit dix parties en live, pour un total de trente épisodes que vous pouvez retrouver sur notre chaîne YouTube ! Durant celle-ci, nos joueurs réguliers (Delste, Mahn, Gobelin & Diabalzane) ont été accompagnés par de nombreux invités exceptionnels du monde du JDR & du streaming. En parallèle, nous avons également organisé une partie en public, créér un wiki, et organisé un Grandeur Nature ! A présent, nous faisons un financement participatif pour proposer une nouvelle campagne, dans un nouveau format ! On propose pour ça de nombreuses contreparties et différents objectifs, à découvrir ici 🇫🇷

Alright that’s it for this month’s newsletter.
As always, be kind to each other.
“A goal is not always meant to be reached, it often serves simply as something to aim at" - Bruce Lee
Love, Maslow