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Hey everyone! Just a quick post to share Harpy’s latest news and upcoming updates. Not much to say this month as no big feature has been released. But next months should be a lot more fun. Hope you’re all doing great 💚 

✨ The Shop is open!

For now you can only purchase plus/premium/pro months to use whenever you want or to gift to your GM or friends. For now it’s on your profile page but it will be moved at some point.
There will probably be more to come, so stay tuned!

🐛 Gotta catch ‘em all

I’m not gonna brag about fixing tons of bugs since I’m the one responsible for them, but last month was quite full of those. I should write more tests. If some of you are familiar with Cypress or Playwright and want to give me a hand then please reach out. There’s so much to do 😅
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🧐 Monore-what?

Last month I’ve also…
🥁 drum rolls for something nobody cares about 🥁
… migrated Harpy to a Monorepo! What is a monorepo, you ask? A boring technical thingy that will help me create sub-applications in the future. Could be a dedicated Random table app, or an app to Commission artists without any fee or a Super basic VTT, etc. It should also allow me to open source some parts of the code in the near future.

🔮 What’s next?

As you probably know if you’ve ever glanced at the Roadmap, there is no shortage of options…

Character sheets

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“Open world” Stories

notion image

Discord-like UI

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Clickable maps

notion image

Public Codex (wiki accessible without account)

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Welcome page + Quest + Tutorial

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Some features seems super fun. Some would be super relevant business-wise. Some are super requested.
I haven’t decided the next step yet…
I might stream on Discord from time to time (not next week though as I’m on vacation). I could read your demands and maybe live-code them.
By the way, since I won’t reach profitability soon enough, I’m looking for a job 🤷🏼‍♂️.
I’ll probably start early June, so I’ll try to add as many cool stuff as possible before that. I’ll keep your updated.

📈 Monthly Metrics Update

As usual, here is last month metrics update
  • 295 adventurers joined us
  • Revenues increased (again) by 9%!!! 📈 STONK!… but I had to spend 80% of that gain in server cost after the “Natural 1” I rolled early March. 📉 NOT STONK! (Those who know, know)
Again, thanks a lot to everyone joining the adventure and considering supporting Harpy.
It means the world to me! 💚
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🔦 Spotlights

Some initiatives deserve a lot more visibility. This month spotlight is an artist that I’ve been following for a while and who does a lot for the TTRPG community thanks to her gorgeous freebies. Have a look at her work, you won’t regret it 🙏

🖌️ Alderdoodle

Lettering artist and illustrator
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Ramona (a.k.a Alderdoodle) is a lettering artist and illustrator based in Bristol, UK. Best known in ttrpg circles for illuminated spell scrolls and painted nerdy jacklets, her work frequently features scrollwork, ornate letters and gold ink. As well as selling shiny d&d cards and handritten props, Ramona designs layout decor assets that are released monthly for the low low price of 'pay what you want' to help out ttrpg designers and creatives in need of art for their exciting projects. When not covered in paint or ink, Ramona can be found rolling dice, drinking coffee and reading fantasy books.

Alright let’s wrap things up!
As always, be kind to each other and to yourself 💚
“If you look for the light, you can often find it. If you look for the dark, that is all you will ever see” - Uncle Iroh, from The Last Airbender
Best, Maslow