Introducing Harpy 2.0 🎉 Revamped Features and Future Plans ⚡️ | Behind the scenes | Devlog #5 📢


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Hey everyone, it's Maslow. I'm excited to announce that after seven months of hard work, Harpy 2.0 is finally live! It has been quite a difficult week, but I am proud to say that the revamp is complete, and the platform is better than ever.
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During the revamp, I recorded all the different steps of the migration process, which took me three days, with half of that duration dedicated to Harpy being down for maintenance. I apologize to everyone who had a game and couldn't play during that time. I understand the frustration, but the migration scripts proved to be more challenging than anticipated.

Success and Challenges

In the end, I created 20 scripts with over 2000 lines of code, and for the most part, the migration went smoothly. The documents, a staggering one million of them, were successfully migrated. However, migrating the tokens and scenes presented some difficulties, especially due to the presence of corrupted data.
Fortunately, I was able to resolve most of the issues, spending the following days fixing bugs. While I encountered a few serious bugs, I am happy to report that they have been addressed. One significant piece of feedback I received was about the virtual table and the ability to add tokens on the fly. Currently, users can add characters, creatures, and assets to the game. Assets refer to low polygon objects that customize the board. On the other hand, characters and creatures are entries from the Codex.

Enhancing User Experience

The reason for this distinction is that I am currently working on implementing a character sheet system. This system would require the tokens to hold data, which was not possible with the previously available options for adding tokens on the fly. I understand that some users were frustrated with the additional clicks required to add tokens, and I am actively considering alternative ways to streamline this process.
One idea I am exploring is the addition of location tokens, which would function as clickable visual tokens allowing users to navigate between scenes and locations. This feature would provide a way to incorporate a 2D map where players could drop flat tokens and make them clickable, enhancing navigation within the game world.
To address concerns about the complexity of token options, I am considering consolidating them into a single token button that opens a menu with different options and their respective functionalities. This approach would offer a more streamlined user experience and make it easier for new users to navigate the platform.

Interface and Aesthetic Updates

Another improvement in Harpy 2.0 is the ability to choose any color for your ping, as well as the option to ping by clicking anywhere and holding a command or control. Additionally, I have introduced a feature that ensures paper tokens always face the camera, improving their visual aesthetics.
Furthermore, I have made changes to the user interface, removing pages where stories, worlds, and tables were displayed and replacing them with a comprehensive menu. This modification simplifies the overall interface and enhances usability.
As a game master, you now have the ability to choose which map your players see, preventing them from navigating freely between scenes. While this change may have specific implications for certain players, such as those who prefer dedicated character sheets and separate play scenes, I believe it is essential for the GM to have control over the players' experience.
Although the revamp primarily focused on code changes, I also made visual updates to the platform to ensure the revamp reflected both functional and aesthetic improvements. More visual changes, including the disappearance of the left navigation, are still in the pipeline and will be rolled out in upcoming updates.
Despite the challenges faced during the revamp process, I am thrilled to see Harpy 2.0 ready to grow. As the only person working on Harpy at the moment, I am committed to continually improving the platform. Bug fixes will always be prioritized, but I am also dedicated to implementing new features as soon as possible.
Moving forward, my focus will be on developing character sheets, starting with a basic version that allows users to handle variables stored in the Codex. Additionally, I plan to introduce a group finder feature, a new homepage, and a "Build in public" page that provides transparency regarding the platform's user base and finances.

Your Feedback Matters

I value the feedback of Harpy users and appreciate the passion and dedication they bring to the platform. Even when the feedback is critical or demanding, I consider it valuable input. Please don't hesitate to share your thoughts and concerns with me, as it helps me improve Harpy and find suitable solutions for any issues that arise.
I hope you enjoy the revamped Harpy 2.0 and see its potential as a fantastic platform for immersive gameplay. Working on Harpy has been an incredible journey, and I am excited to continue developing and expanding the platform with your support.
That's it for this week's update. I wish you all a fantastic time and lots of fun on Harpy or wherever your gaming adventures may take you. Stay tuned for more exciting updates and improvements!
Bye for now! 👋